Perhaps nowhere was this need more evident than in the medical sector, which has been tasked with keeping our communities safe while attempting to mitigate risks in the very healthcare settings we so desperately rely on. As I write this column, the first individuals in the UK were recently immunized against COVID-19 with a brand-new vaccine that was developed and approved in record time. Though the worldwide distribution of this and future coronavirus vaccines will be a monumental task, we can all be thankful that thousands of individuals around the world are working diligently to invent solutions to this global necessity.

Adhesive and sealant producers are also focused on innovating myriad technologies for medical applications. Some solutions have been developed in the form of altered production to meet immediate coronavirus-related needs, such as finding ways to temporarily produce products such as hand sanitizer and face masks. Others represent entirely new products that will provide benefits for patients and healthcare workers that last far beyond the current pandemic.

For a prime example of the latter, read “Printed Electronics: Enabling Remote Healthcare and Enhancing Patient Treatment” to learn about Henkel’s role in the development of a patient-monitoring smart patch. The adhesive patch affixes to patients’ chests and remotely monitors vital signs such as temperature and respiration.

As 2020 moves increasingly further behind us, my hope is that we will be able to worry less and less about physical health and safety, and instead have the opportunity to focus on another proverb: “Laughter is the best medicine.” From all of us at ASI, best wishes for a safe 2021 filled with opportunity and joy.