H.B. Fuller has launched Full-Care™ 5885, an ECO PASSPORT-certified cotton bonding hygiene construction adhesive solution, to meet industry's growing demand for natural-based hygiene articles. The company reports that the new adhesive innovation addresses increasing demand for more natural-based products.

Cotton and viscose swell when wet, making them more challenging to bond. In response, H.B Fuller developed Full-Care 5885, a high wet-strength adhesive that allows manufacturers to confidently switch to natural substrates like 100% cotton and viscose without having to significantly increase coat weight.

The new adhesive solution reportedly enables hygiene producers to meet demands for a more sustainable world. It provides high-performance cotton bonding at low cost in use while offering an optimized viscosity profile, allowing application at lower temperatures, ease of use for application setup, and optimal line efficiency.

"Full-Care 5885 is suitable for all standard machines and application types—including slot, spiral and spray—while combining optimized rheological profile for clean and consistent application," said Stefan Eller, Ph.D., H.B. Fuller's EIMEA Technical Service manager. "It's an innovative hot melt adhesive that provides robust solutions for our customers and the next generation of sustainable goods."

Learn more at www.hbfuller.com.