Bostik has launched a new adhesive technology for the feminine hygiene market. According to the company, StayX™ delivers best-in-class stay-in-place performance, as verified by Staybility™, a patent-pending test designed by Bostik to fill a gap in the typical product development testing process.

Until now, initial peel tests have been used industry-wide to predict the stay-in-place performance of pads. But initial peel tests do not simulate the twists, turns, and movements of daily life. Bostik reports that the new Staybility test more accurately simulates a woman's daily motion, and has allowed the company to get a better hold on stay-in-place data.

"Improving the testing process enabled us to create a better adhesive," said Diane Toonen, global strategic marketing director for Bostik's Nonwovens Business Unit. "From our extensive laboratory testing, we can see that our StayX Adhesive Technology will provide a noticeably different performance in terms of stay-in-place."

Pads with StayX reportedly remove cleanly from fabrics and have a stable peel performance across temperatures. The adhesive performance is not affected by the presence of perfume. Most notable for consumer satisfaction, pads with StayX adhesive technology stay in place during typical movements of life, ensuring a comfortable and reliable experience for consumers.

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