Bostik recently introduced its new Responsibly for Hygiene program to support manufacturers of absorbent hygiene articles to meet their own sustainable development objectives and the aspirations of their consumers. Throughout the disposable hygiene industry, many product manufacturers are openly engaged in discussions about their corporate social responsibility (CSR) strategies, initiatives, and key performance indicators. Others want to be a part of the conversation but are unsure what to do, where to turn, or how to start.

“Cultivating an open dialogue about sustainability and CSR is a key commitment for Bostik,” said Christophe Morel-Fourrier, global Marketing manager, Market Insights and Sustainable Innovation. “We have seen that article producers’ knowledge and understanding of CSR is at varying stages across the globe. Some have clear, well-thoughtout strategies that they are communicating. Others need support.

“More so now than ever, consumers are taking a greater interest in the environmental impact of the disposable baby care, feminine hygiene, and adult incontinence products they use. This means producers need to be in the know about how their actions and CSR-related decisions are potentially influencing consumer buying behaviours.”

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