Ellsworth Adhesives Europe recently announced the launch of its new multilingual website, which was primarily commissioned to ensure that regional customers can access the platform in their native language. Ensuring it retains familiarity with the distributor’s customer base, the new European website has the same look and features as the main UK site.

Users are greeted with a language selector on the homepage that enables them to pick from nine different languages (English, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Polish, Spanish, Swedish, and Danish). Each page on the site is then translated into the chosen language. If the user wishes to change to a different language at any point, they can do so using the simple drop-down selector that is built into the website toolbar.

The new multi-lingual site features the company’s most popular products and allows customers to request a quote at the click of a button. The Ellsworth Adhesives Europe product portfolio comprises the industry’s top manufacturers, such as Fisnar, Henkel Loctite, Dymax, and Lord. Ellsworth reports that it recognizes that its customers all have different needs, and its sales engineers will handle each quote accordingly to ensure that specific requirements are met.

In addition to the product range, visitors to the European site are able to access a broad range of information and resources. Product selection guides, company news, and a technical blog are all included on the site.

To learn more, visit the multilingual site at www.ellsworthadhesives.eu.