RPM International Inc. recently announced it has procured a 178,000-sq-ft chemical manufacturing facility located on 120 acres in Corsicana, Texas. It was purchased from ChampionX Corp. for an undisclosed amount.

The facility will be repurposed to serve as a manufacturing campus for a number of RPM’s operating companies, providing multiple opportunities for expansion to meet customer demand and strengthen its supply chain. It will be owned and operated by RPM’s Tremco Construction Products Group.

“The addition of the Corsicana plant allows us to expand production of several of our high-growth product lines while also streamlining our manufacturing processes and creating efficiencies,” said Frank C. Sullivan, RPM chairman and CEO.

In addition to acquiring the land, facility, and equipment at the Corsicana plant, Tremco Construction Products Group also intends to hire the plant’s more than 80 existing employees, with plans to potentially hire additional employees in the future.

“The Corsicana plant was appealing to us for a number of reasons,” said Sullivan. “By purchasing a fully operational facility, we can hit the ground running almost immediately, avoiding much of the cost, time and environmental impact associated with building a new plant. However, the greatest asset we will acquire is the plant’s existing employees and management operating team, who bring with them decades of experience and a high level of competency that will enable them to quickly and effectively convert the plant to meet our manufacturing needs. We look forward to this expansion into Corsicana and believe it will be beneficial both to RPM and the local community.”

Learn more about RPM at www.rpminc.com.