SOCMA recently announced that it will host an executive roundtable on October 6, with industry experts sharing best practices on how companies can enhance current operating practices to prevent and mitigate business interruption. SOCMA’s Executive Roundtable: Cybersecurity’s Role in Manufacturing will reportedly provide a greater understanding of exposure and risks, as well as how businesses can address them. 

“Now, more than ever, cybersecurity is a vital component to the processes, procedures and very operational foundation of any chemical manufacturing facility,” said Paul Hirsh, SOCMA’s senior vice president for Industry Relations. “Cyberattacks are escalating, and many companies don’t fully understand the threat that exists within their plants. And that is why it is vital for manufacturers to focus on security and protection of their critical infrastructure to ensure business continuity.”

Roundtable panelists will include:

  • Aarti Soni—senior vice president and cyber director, McGriff
  • Michael Belling—assistant vice president, McGriff
  • Brian Sullivan—president and CEO, FitNetworks LLC
  • Matthew Fleming—client success/relationship development, FitNetworks LLC

“Technology plays an integral part in not only a company’s digital infrastructure but also its manufacturing operations,” Hirsh said. “Through the Executive Roundtable, companies will receive actionable solutions for preventing cyber criminals from accessing critical information, disrupting their operations and causing reputational loss.”

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