I always love putting together our annual sustainability issue. It’s inspiring and invigorating to see the industry’s exploration of the broad scope of activities we can engage in to address sustainability. I’m reminded, though, of a restaurant with a voluminous menu. Too many options can sometimes be daunting. How can companies be sure they’re making the right choices?

“At the same time, what all these examples demonstrate is that delivering effective sustainability solutions is a multi-faceted task,” writes Berry Global’s Vinita Sharma in this issue. “There is no silver bullet and no single action that can achieve all goals. What is vitally important, therefore, is that businesses take a holistic approach and work in partnership with their customers and suppliers as the world continues the transition from a linear to a circular economy.”

From product development to facilities and operations, Sharma provides insights on environmentally friendly tape and adhesive manufacturing. Turn to “A Joined-Up Approach to Sustainability” to learn more.

We’re delving into many different facets of sustainability in this issue, with articles discussing “green” solutions for end-use applications such as disposable hygiene, construction, packaging, and the electric vehicle assembly process. Additional articles delve into bio-based raw materials, a chemical recycling method to produce custom polyols, less-wasteful packaging for adhesives and sealants, and equipment that can help companies address more sustainable manufacturing processes.

Has your company set specific sustainability-related targets? What actions are you taking to reach them? Are you using renewable raw materials in your formulations? Have you developed recyclable or compostable products? Is your company adjusting production processes to reduce the organization’s carbon footprint?

I would love to hear about which sustainability strategies you’re focusing on, and why. Please reach out to me at (248) 786-1704 or suttons@bnpmedia.com to share your insights.