Omya has announced a temporary surcharge on its calcium carbonate products in Europe, with immediate effect. With the escalation of the geopolitical situation, Omya has immediately taken measures to ensure business continuity. While it is impossible to predict every potential crisis scenario, Omya Supply Chain Teams across Europe are closely monitoring the situation. According to Omya, its strong production footprint, numerous and strategically spread logistics assets, and reliable distribution network make the company confident that it is prepared to mitigate as best as possible any production and delivery disruptions.

However, due to this crisis situation, Omya is highly exposed to further unprecedented cost escalation of electricity, oil, diesel, fuel, raw materials, chemicals, and logistics costs. The magnitude of these impacts cannot be absorbed and requires the implementation of these temporary surcharges, which will be adjusted according to the ongoing cost developments and canceled as soon as the situation allows. These temporary surcharges are being implemented in addition to previously announced price increases that had become necessary to mitigate the significant cost inflation the industry has faced over the past months.

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