Each year, we update the Raw Materials, Chemicals, Polymers, and Additives Handbook at www.adhesivesmag.com/materialshandbook to help you source the materials you need to succeed. The fully searchable online handbook features supplier details for hundreds of different raw materials and chemicals that are used to produce adhesives, sealants, and coatings. It also offers social media links and spec sheets for certain suppliers, as well as the ability to quickly and easily request additional information through our RFP Builder. 

In our March eMagazine, we also share descriptions/use information for these materials, followed in some cases by additional information* from suppliers that provide them. Descriptions are divided into five major categories: Additives and Chemical Specialties; Oils and Fatty Acids; Resins and Base Polymers; Pigments and Dyes, Dry/Dispersions and Extenders; and Solvents. Products are listed alphabetically under each category and subcategory. 

Our hope is that you use this sourcing guide and the online handbook in tandem as trusted tools for researching materials and locating suppliers throughout the year. Be sure to also bookmark the online handbook at www.adhesivesmag.com/materialshandbook for quick access. If your company supplies raw materials and you would like to be included online or in next year’s edition, please reach out to AnnaMarie McCann at (248) 833-7359 or mccanna@bnpmedia.com for pricing and additional details. 

To help you navigate the myriad challenges (and occasional opportunities) involved in today’s tumultuous supply chain, we’re launching a new column by Lisa Anderson, founder and president of LMA Consulting Group. Supply Chain Strategies debuts this month! 

“Although heightened during the pandemic, partners are always prioritized over transactional suppliers during times of allocation and disruption,” Anderson writes. Turn to “Do You Have Suppliers or Partners?” to explore the importance of this distinction. 

Our popular annual “Raw Materials and Chemicals Roundtable” piece is also featured in this issue. Industry experts discuss some of the key issues they’re dealing with—logistics, materials replacement, alternate suppliers, and much more—as well as the steps they’re taking to help ensure future success.

*Supplier mini-ads and logos represent paid advertising. If you are a materials supplier and would like to receive information regarding your company’s inclusion, contact AnnaMarie McCann at mccanna@bnpmedia.com or (248) 833-7359.