medmix has launched the new MIXPAC™ greenLine 50 mL B‐System Set, its first cartridge made from 100% post‐consumer recycled polypropylene (PCR PP). For medmix, the launch represents the next phase in environmentally friendly solutions developed over the last years, giving its customers a new option to reduce their environmental impact and meet their sustainability goals.

medmix reports that the PCR PP‐cartridge of the MIXPAC greenLine B‐System was developed using eco-design principles, reducing CO2 footprint by 36% in comparison to standard cartridges. Thanks to the concept of recycled packaging, the greenLine solution also reduces packaging waste. Moreover, the compatibility of the greenLine solution with a wide range of industrial application possibilities enables the selection of the optimal mixer for each type of application, minimizing material waste.

In addition, according to medmix, the MIXPAC greenLine 50 mL B‐System Set combines the features of the company’s established range. The modular concept ensures a controlled, reproducible adhesive process with the utmost process safety. Designed for many industrial adhesive and sealant applications with epoxy and polyurethane systems, greenLine enables precise metering and fatigue‐free operation.

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