Reportedly determined to pursue its sustainability objectives, medmix has upgraded its MIXPAC™ F-System with a bayonet ring based on 100% post-consumer recycled (PCR) polypropylene. According to the company, its greenLine™ bayonet ring combines exceptional performance with the “eco-advantages” of its 100% recycled material design, providing customers the support they need to achieve their sustainable business goals.

The bayonet ring helps customers to reduce their carbon footprint and better positions them to win new business with ecologically-minded customers. medmix reports that the greenLine bayonet was developed with a robust and durable design to provide a secure, leak-free connection between the mixer and cartridge.

Due to the multifunctional concept of the complete F-System, this upgrade is fully compatible with manual, pneumatic, and battery dispensers as well as the range of Helix and QUADRO™ mixers. The bayonet ring safeguards high-precision dispensing for homogeneous mixing and exact metering.

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