W. R. MEADOWS has added two new water-based sealers with active silane content to its PENTREAT™ penetrating concrete sealers product portfolio. The new products are PENTREAT 244-40 W/B (with 40% silane content) and PENTREAT 244-20 W/B (with 20% silane content). According to the company, these water-repellent sealers reduce chloride-induced rebar corrosion, scaling, spalling, and freeze-thaw damage.

“Our new PENTREAT products offer a sealer solution that will give concrete projects maximum protection,” said Glenn Tench, vice president of Sales and Marketing.

The company reports that the two new products share the following features and benefits:

  • High-performance, permeable, water repellent
  • Protect concrete and masonry surfaces by minimizing water and water-soluble salt penetration
  • Reduce concrete surface spalling
  • Extend the life of concrete and masonry structures
  • Penetrate surfaced for maximum protection

For more information or samples, visit www.wrmeadows.com/pentreatportfolio.