Extreme Coatings recently announced the launch of a new internal diameter, high-velocity oxygen fuel (HVOF) coating system for oil and gas and industrial components. According to the company, the new coating provides a high-performance tungsten carbide nanocoating for diameters as small as 3 in., lengths up to 8 ft, and thicknesses up to 0.015 in. The thermal spray system comprises a delivery mechanism and coating material to provide a tungsten carbide, cobalt chrome coating that reportedly delivers exceptional abrasion resistance and three times the service life of chrome-plated parts.

“The IDX system meets the industry’s growing demand for abrasive, corrosive, and aggressive processing in small-inside diameter applications,” said Scott Caplan, executive vice president. “This major technology advancement enables us to keep pace with other performance improvements in the downhole drilling industry.”

The company reports that the internal diameter HVOF coating is corrosion resistant and crack free. It is 99% porosity-free and superior to white iron, chrome plated, or other ID surface-engineered option coatings. The IDX system is targeted for a range of oil and gas applications, including housings, cylinders, bushings, sleeves, mechanical seals, and hydraulic cylinders.

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