BYK-Gardner announced the new byko-visc RT Rotational Viscometer. Available in two models, the byko-visc RT and byko-visc RT Lite, each feature versatility and compatibility with three different sensitivities and optional accessories. 

The byko-visc RT line measures viscosity–lacquers, paints, primers, resins, lubricants, pharmaceuticals, creams, lotions, liquids soaps, beverages, dressings, sauces–from a near water-like, very high viscosity to even the most viscous epoxies, sealants, and pastes. The byko-visc RT features an easy snap-on spindle attachment, which saves operator time while protecting the instrument, and an adjustable stand to allow the user to easily raise and lower the viscometer head. 

The new line is also compatible with many other rotational viscometer models in terms of results, measurement parameters, and accessories, like spindles. This will also allow users to seamlessly transition to a byko-visc RT system. The byko-visc RT is ideal to test the viscosity of liquids and pastes in compliance with ASTM D2196, ISO 2555 and ISO1652 standards. 

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