With LiquidFlow 30M, METER MIX introduces a machine to process two-part resins for metering and mixing applications. This could range anywhere from potting and encapsulating of electronic components to bonding/sealing filter end caps. The LiquidFlow 30M is a high-precision gear pump system for low-mid range dispense rate applications where controlled and continuous material flow can be a real benefit. Two-part polyurethane, epoxy, or silicone can be processed very precisely and reliably.

It can be individually adapted to each application ensuring that it meets requirements. The gear metering pumps are independently electric inverter motor driven, which allows accurate flow-rate control and pulsation-free dispensing. The potential to vary the mixing ratio offers a high degree of flexibility. The in-built recipe function provides up to 50 pre-set shot sizes, flow rates, and ratios. Optionally, the LiquidFlow 30M can be equipped with digitally controlled heating to reservoirs, pumps and hoses as well as electric agitation for the material reservoirs.

For more information, visit: www.metermix.com.