According to Ashby Cross, its ACCI benchtop dispenser combines the simplicity and versatility of a dual-barrel cartridge with bench-mount support, pneumatic foot pedal, air logic, control panel, and all the equipment needed to convert dual-cartridges to a benchtop potting, encapsulating, bonding, and dispensing system. Dual-barrel cartridge systems have become popular for dispensing two-component adhesives, as they reduce both material and hazardous waste, improve adhesive and employee performance, and increase worker safety. Ashby Cross reports that with its new dispenser systems, two-component adhesives can become as simple to use as their single-component counterparts while providing better efficiencies and increased cost savings.

The company has designed a conversion unit to further enhance the use of the dual-barrel dispensers. The cartridge dispenser series incorporates the dual-cartridge system with a number of components to create a benchtop metering system.

The pneumatic dispense gun is mounted on a stand to allow for hands-free operation. This relieves the operator and reduces fatigue while increasing productivity and improving dispensing control and operation quality. The dispensing system is configured to accept dispense and recharge signals from the foot pedal or remote timer. Models vary depending on the application, and a number of dispensing components can be added to enhance the efficiency of the dispenser.

Manual mode allows the operator to press a foot pedal and dispense materials. Once the foot pedal is no longer pressed, material flow stops. A digital timer may be added to the circuit to increase the consistency and repeatability to the shot size. As with most digital devices, the dispense duration is set and displayed with a digital readout. This makes changing shot sizes for different applications simpler and repeatable. For less demanding applications, the digital timer provides a consistent shot size either automatically or through a foot pedal. Volumetric filling is also available with specific dispensers.

A pinch valve can be installed at the mixer tip to prevent dripping from the nozzle when using a range of viscosity materials. A timer or foot pedal operates the valve. The pinch valve also enables the system to dispense sub-gram shots.

Available in various sizes and ratios, the ACCI cartridge dispenser can be used for production, laboratories, and prototype building in both small- and high-use requirements. In addition, the dispensers can tie into robotic applications where high quality is essential.

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Note: Photo courtesy of Ashby Cross.