Beginning in November, Arkema representatives will teach several hundred high school students from the castor-rich state of Gujarat, India, classes on the basics of sustainable materials. A scholarship art competition will follow with the high schools of the winners receiving cash donations and the students themselves winning electronic devices to aid in their education. Arkema has previously published the results of its sustainable castor bean program.

In order to drive greater awareness among community members of the sustainability benefits derived downstream from castor, Arkema will hold several classroom lectures explaining how advanced bio-circular (ABC) materials can be produced from castor seeds. Examples will include Arkema’s polyamide 11 polymers that are frequently used in sports shoes, medical devices, and clean mobility vehicles.

On the second day of the program, students are invited to participate in a day of exercise and healthy lifestyle before then participating in an art competition on the third day. During this event, students are encouraged to use their imaginations to paint pictures of the sustainable world they envision for the future, while making artistic reference to materials derived from their native castor seeds.

The scholarship program will conclude in February 2023, with an awards ceremony in Gujarat. Several Arkema customer companies will be invited to come and meet with students, their teachers, and their families, while also visiting the local farms, crushing plants, and trading yards.

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