ITW Polymers Sealants has developed a brand-new spray adhesive as part of its STA'-PUT range. ITW STA'-PUT® SP36 Air Assist (AA) is a multi-purpose, industrial-grade spray adhesive that can be used on a variety of substrates including composites, aluminum, glass, rubber, plywood, and MDF. Compatible with standard HVLP (high volume low pressure) spray equipment, STA'-PUT SP36 AA is an excellent choice for most permanent or temporary adhesive applications where speed is of the essence–but is particularly well suited to recreational vehicle (RV) applications.

ITW Polymers Sealants estimates that the spray coverage of the new system is up to 30% greater than traditional airless canister-based systems–helping adhesive applicators finish tasks faster. In addition, the system has a long open time, an aggressive grab tack, and a quick dry time of just two to five minutes. The Air Assist system also has an adjustable web spray pattern for even and controlled application.

While the STA'-PUT SP36 AA system is suitable for use across a wide range of industrial adhesive applications, ITW Polymers Sealants is targeting the product specifically at the North American RV market and the manufacture of motorhomes and towable RVs. 

Al Cauthen, regional sales manager at ITW Polymers Sealants, said, "Our STA'-PUT adhesives are already extremely well known for producing tough, durable bonds compatible with a variety of surfaces. Building on this legacy, SP36 Air Assist, delivers the same high quality our customers expect, in an easy-to-use, highly effective spray system."

Prior to launch, STA'-PUT SP36 AA system was tested by a number of ITW Polymers Sealants customers. Initial feedback was positive, with customers commenting on the product's fast drying time, aggressive grab, and ease of use.

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