Part of the Rhino Shield system from AmCoat Industrial, the Adhesive Primer Sealer, or APS, is an advanced elastomeric sealant that goes on milky and turns clear when cured, helping to eliminate installer error. It dries to a tacky finish for top-coat adhesion and to eliminate issues with peeling. The recoat window for APS is only two hours. The newly updated formula takes the nanotechnology of the product to the next level.

Mike Moore, director of products and applications at AmCoat Industrial, said APS was specifically designed for superior adhesion and faster dry times. “APS is a cost-effective, user-friendly primer with decades of proven performance,” said Moore. “There’s nothing quite like it on the market today. Its adhesion is like none other—in fact ASTM D4541 testing showed superior adhesion on many building surfaces—it basically becomes part of the substrate. And at less than 15 cents a square foot it’s also very cost effective.”

Among the improvements to APS’s properties is enhanced breathability. APS is appropriate for wood, stucco, hardy, and many other substrates. It is water based with low VOCs, making it easy to work with and making cleanup simple. APS can be sprayed on or rolled on, depending the particular substrate.

“APS one of the very best primers for brick and cement blocks,” said Moore. “But its superior spread rate means great coverage, regardless of the substrate.”

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