As an extension of the new "CQ" label for products with alternative raw materials, Covestro is introducing the name "Evocycle CQ" for recycling technologies and cycle designs. Covestro is focusing on an increased use of biomass, recyclates, and green hydrogen, in an effort to support a circular economy. The company is now offering products with a minimum content of 25% of alternative raw materials under the new "CQ" label. CQ stands for "Circular Intelligence.” Covestro hopes to distinguish products based on alternative raw materials from fossil-based ones by the CQ label in the product name.

"All our solutions under the umbrella CQ prove that we are continuing to work on making our vision of the circular economy a reality, to help customers and partners achieve their sustainability and climate goals. In this way, we also aim to meet consumer demands for more sustainable products," said Sucheta Govil, chief commercial officer of Covestro. "And this is just the beginning. In the long term, Covestro also wants to offer every one of its products in a climate-neutral version."

Evocycle® CQ: A New Name for All Recycling Technologies and Cycle Designs of Covestro

For the continuous evolution of recycling, the company now introduces the name "Evocycle CQ". It is an extension to the company’s CQ label and stands for recycling technologies that enable the use of recycled plastics and recycled raw materials from the Covestro’s portfolio within a streamlined closed-loop system.

The company is collaborating with partners from all fields of recycling across the entire value chain to turn waste into valuable resources, reduce the use of fossil fuels, and significantly reduce CO2 emissions. The first initiative is called Evocycle CQ Mattress: Covestro, together with partners, has developed an innovative technology for the chemolysis of polyurethane flexible foams from used mattresses, in which both main components–the polyol and the precursor to the isocyanate TDI–can be recovered. With this, end-of-life mattress foams are directly transformed back into renewed polyurethane building blocks.


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