Anderson Thermal Devices' line of IR lamps and accessories is now available from IR Thermal Systems. IR Thermal Systems has purchased the assets and intellectual property of Anderson Thermal Devices Inc. and has relaunched the product line. 

The product line includes: 

  • Shortwave IR Lamps (including T3 lamps & T4 lamps): a low mass tungsten filament to provide a high temperature source that responds rapidly to voltage changes–allowing for precise control during the industrial infrared heating process.
  • Medium-Wave IR Lamps: for surface heating and for drying coatings, paint, dyes, lacquers, adhesives, and in the processing of plastic sheet and films.
  • Twin-Tube IR Emitters: offer higher radiant energy and mechanical strength, allowing for longer heated lengths than available with single-tube T3 Lamps or T4 lamps.
  • Infrared Panel Heaters: versatile, rugged, and efficient medium-wave industrial infrared heaters. Anderson Thermal manufactures Stamped Foil Panel Heaters as well as Quartz Fabric Panel heaters.

IR Thermal Systems offers a complete range of electrical and gas-powered heating systems. Applications include paper, printing, textiles, non-woven products, liquid coating, powder coating, adhesives, laminating, thermoforming, and annealing. IR Thermal Systems’ team of engineers are experienced in all phases of heating system production, including heaters and controls, integration of various heating sources into specific drying applications, and the cost-effective construction of complete heating systems. The company maintains a laboratory with a full range of heat sources to evaluate different approaches to drying and curing under varying conditions.

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