Avery Dennison Performance Tapes recently announced the groundbreaking for a new concentrated solar thermal (CST) platform at its production plant in Turnhout, Belgium. Once completed, the renewable energy platform will be the largest installation of parabolic mirrors in an industrial setting in Europe.

CST technology employs a series of parabolic mirrors to reflect and concentrate sunlight on a collector tube filled with liquid. The liquid (e.g., thermal oil) is selected for its high thermal conductivity and ability to absorb heat with maximum efficiency. The liquid can be heated to temperatures of 400˚C (752˚F).

The CST installation at Turnhout will supply carbon-free renewable solar energy to partially run the drying ovens on production lines used in the coating process of pressure-sensitive adhesive products manufactured at the site. These products are used in industries such as automotive, building and construction, medical device, and personal care, among others. The project is a collaboration among Avery Dennison Performance Tapes, CST facility developer Azteq, and other stakeholders such as the local community group Campina Energie.

“We view the Turnhout CST platform as the next logical step in reducing carbon use and boosting sustainability,” said Claudius Gosse, senior plant manager at Avery Dennison’s Turnhout facility. “It supports our 2030 sustainability target of reducing GHG emissions by 70 percent and our ambition of being net zero emissions by 2050. The installation has earned an enthusiastic buy-in from many stakeholders, including the local community. Look for this site to be a local landmark for years to come.”

According to Koen Vermout, CEO of Azteq, “The installation demonstrates Avery Dennison’s commitment to both the environment and the company’s customers. Looking ahead, the new CST platform will pay dividends for decades in terms of a reduced carbon footprint, energy savings and reliable power for its manufacturing operations.”

Avery Dennison reports that the Turnhout community has provided considerable support for the CST project. Financing was secured through Campina Energie, which is engaged in green energy projects and represents more than 1,000 Turnhout residents.

Avery Dennison Performance Tapes donated a land parcel of approximately 10,000 sq m (107,639 sq ft) to the project, or about 8% of the total footprint. Azteq will build, operate, and maintain the CST installation, which has a life expectancy of over 25 years without efficiency losses. The installation is expected to begin operation in May 2022.

For more information about Avery Dennison, visit www.averydennison.com. Learn more about Azteq at https://azteq.be.