The Felix Schoeller Group announced plans to increase its capacities at the company's sites in the United States and Canada in three steps. The group is targeting 2025 for completion of this expansion. In the first step, a new silicone coater will be installed at the Pulaski, New York, site in mid-2023. The Felix Schoeller Group says this will enable the company to supply the North American market with domestically produced siliconized papers and films. In doing so, the company is relying not only on solvent-free silicone technology, but adding solvent-based silicone technology to its portfolio–while utilizing energy-efficient and environmentally friendly technological solutions.

The second step is the expansion of the paper machine capacity in Drummondville, Canada, from 32,000 tons to over 40,000 tons-per-year. This increase is scheduled to be completed in the fourth-quarter of 2023. And finally, the specialty paper manufacturer plans to invest in the construction of a second paper machine for the North American market. The plan is to add up to 50,000 tons of capacity for the decor and release-liner markets. During project planning, the location and details of the technical equipment will be determined. The total investment for the production of decor papers and release liners in the North American sites is expected to exceed $100 million.

“With the significant expansion of our product capabilities and capacities in North America, we are following the plan of consistently expanding our local supply strategy. We are, and always want to be, present with our own productions in the markets where our customers are at home,” said Hans-Christoph Gallenkamp, CEO of the Felix Schoeller Group. 

"With the project for a new paper machine, we are opening a new chapter for Felix Schoeller in North America. In the future, we will be able to offer reliable supply with local service not only to our customers for high-quality decor papers, but in addition to our key market for release liners," said Michael Szidat, CEO of Felix Schoeller North America. "The COVID crisis has proven the importance of domestic manufacturing for the flexibility and reliability we promise our customers.”

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