HERMA is now offering label stock that is optimized to support the recycling of cardboard shipping boxes. Five of these self-adhesive materials have now been certified by PTS, the research and service institute of the German paper industry.

The new adhesive 72Bpt is being used in combination with two lightweight coated papers, namely HERMAwhite super (grade 240) and HERMAextracoat (grade 242). Each of these variants is intended for labeling cardboard boxes.

For laser labels on sheets, HERMA has developed label stock consisting of the new adhesive 72Apc and HERMAlaser sheet (grade 135).

For optimizing the recycling of board and paper, HERMA is now offering a solution, likewise certified by PTS, in the thermal label segment. It is a self-adhesive material that combines the new adhesive 72Eps with HERMAtherm nature (grade 900) and is the first of its kind to dispense with chemical developers. Type 72Eps also shows good adhesion even at low temperatures and is suitable for use with very fast labeling lines as well.

The fifth of the PTS-certified materials is a universal variant for diverse applications consisting of the new single-layer adhesive 72C and the label material HERMAwhite (grade 601). Its glazed surface allows for high print quality with conventional printing methods. It is also highly compatible with both laser and thermal transfer printing.

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