The Society of Manufacturing Engineers has announced it has released of a new novel,LEAN 9001: Battle for the Arctic Rose, a science-fiction story that contrasts differing approaches to implementing Lean and ISO 9001.

Set in the year 7278, readers will identify with the book's vying characters, Mark Alexander, general manager of the Arctic Rose Co., and his fierce cut-throat competitor, Damar Iratus, vice president of Operations, Krote Corp. Through an intertwined plot, the two apply divergent approaches to achieving quality and customer satisfaction.

The organization reports that spies, security forces, consultants, suppliers, and pirates are also among the cast of characters who are in search of the most valuable plant in the universe – the Arctic Rose tree.

Now, this could be an interesting approach to education in our industry. Rather than another seminar or conference, industry members could pick up a science fiction novel or a graphic novel that explains the ins and outs of a process or procedure in the industry. I can see how it might be more appealing to newcomers to the industry, the Generation Y and Z people who have such a contrasting way of thinking than the Baby Boomers, and network through text messaging and social media rather than the "traditional" methods like a phone call or exchange of business cards.

So, on that note, who wants to be the first to submit an anime-style technical feature?