It’s back to school time! A recent survey by the American Association of School Administrators reports that nearly 1 in 7 school boards in the U.S. is considering dropping down to a four-day school week to help meet budget constraints or stave off teacher layoffs. Do you believe a four-day school week would be good for education?

No, a four-day school week may end up causing other problems such as the need for child care while parents are at work, etc.: 83.3%
Maybe; while it could help with the budget, other options should be considered first: 16.7%
Yes, it's a good solution to the budget crunch: 0%
Unsure/other: 0%


We have the four-day school week out here in Nevada. It is necessary because of the extreme distances children have to travel to get to school.

The single most important way that the public schools can save money,improve quality of teaching, etc. is to eliminate or greatly reduce the power of the teachers unions. The unions are the main factor undermining the public education system in the U.S.

Has anyone considered that the education level of our children is struggling enough, this would make matters worse.

Four day weeks create a burden for parents who would need to arrange child care. And let's be honest they will have less class time during a four day week.

We'll keep dropping further and further behind the rest of the world.

The children's education would be sacraficed to resolve poor management of monies by the AASA. Cut thier ouw saleries and cut mgmt. staff.     

The 4 day week sounds like a scam brought on by the overpaid unionized teaching staff. The school boards should do their duties and represent the taxpayers and quit giving in to the unions greedy wage demands. Too much for too little--let's get back to classes larger than 20 students and longer school days.

People need to pay enough taxes to support a good education system. Tax the "job creators" for failing to create jobs.

Let the US continue to slide down the educational ranking. If the USA had an educated society, we would realize our politicians are feeding us propaganda.

If four days is "better" than five then surely by the same logic three days is even better. There are only two more steps to the stupidity.

American students already spend too little time in school and far too little time on STEM and history/civics subjects. If schools are in this situation it is time for them to add to the expectations of students, parents and teachers - which includes expecting the population to be willing to pay to ensure that all students have the opportunity to be well educated. If we don't change our attitude on all fronts, we will be left with having no one with the skills we need to fill jobs! We all had the opportunity to be educated - why would we deny that to a new generation.

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