Summer 2008 is turning into the summer of acquisitions. First, Dow acquires Rohm and Haas. Then Ashland set out to acquire Hercules. With these big companies being gobbled up, and the giants getting larger, what room does this leave for the smaller players? They can already face a tougher spot in the competition when it comes to bidding for raw materials and other necessities to do business, but what affect will this have on how they do business, and the industry overall?

Personally, I like doing business with the smaller companies. I’d rather call the local HVAC company to come out and fix our furnace, even though they might not be available for weekend or emergency calls. I prefer to buy produce at the farmers’ market and roadside stands, and actually meet the guy who grew the tomatoes I’m about to purchase, rather than shopping at the big, impersonal “superstores” where you’re just the next person in line. I hope that the industry can continue to find a spot for everyone, big and small, and that we can all continue to prosper.