An article from Reuters UK is reporting that furniture makers are considering moving their manufacturing facilities back to the United States, after relocating to China. The manufacturers, who moved their plants to China in search of lower costs, are now being faced with rising inflation, which hikes up factory wages in China. In addition, the high oil prices we’re all dealing with are make shipping more expensive, and companies are considering moving back to America.

We’vepreviously reportedthat some European companies have expressed interest in moving their manufacturing facilities here. The Euro’s jump to a record high against the U.S. dollar this year has hurt European exporters, who may now find manufacturing in the United States to be more cost effective.

This could have a positive impact on adhesive and sealant sales in the U.S., as the need for domestic materials increases. In addition, orders could be filled quicker with products supplied locally rather than internationally – and at a cheaper rate as well.

Have you heard about manufacturers moving back to the United States?