LANXESS AG Board of Management Chairman Axel C. Heitmann and the entire Board of Management from Germany joined LANXESS Corp. executives and many special guests last night at the Carnegie Museum of Art for a gala dinner event. 


At the dinner, Heitmann spoke about the significant role of the United States in the continued success of LANXESS and expressed LANXESS’s renewed commitment to the region and Pittsburgh. He also described the many ways LANXESS is helping the environment through production improvements, energy savings initiatives and green chemistry innovations.


He also announced plans to develop a new Regional Organization, combining the service organizations of the U.S. and Canada. The combined North American Service Organization will be headed by LANXESS Corp. President and CEO Randy Dearth, who will be named the Managing Director, Region North America. Dearth will retain his role as president and CEO of the Pittsburgh-based LANXESS Corp. Alexander (Sandy) Marshall will assume the role of Country Representative Canada, reporting to Randy Dearth. Both LANXESS Corp. and the Canadian organization, LANXESS Inc., will remain operational as separate legal entities.

The structure of the combined new regional organization will be finalized and announced in the fourth quarter of this year.


I had the opportunity to attend the gala dinner event in Pittsburgh, and was impressed by the quality and commitment of LANXESS. When many companies are moving their manufacturing overseas, I’m happy to see a company renewing its commitment to North America and expanding its business. In addition, LANXESS is also growing stronger financially. The company, which spun off from Bayer just four years ago, recently reported that its fourth-quarter earnings were the strongest yet.