In my never-ending pursuit to move this blog as far from adhesives and sealants-related news as possible, I offer today a link to an Associated Press article on how America’s banks are distributing their Federal bailout money:

Because I am the self-ordained King of the Rhetorical Question, I ask you, my fellow players in this high-stakes version of financial Risk (a Parker Brothers game): How does this makeanysense? If any one of us “normal” people were to mosey into a bank today looking for a loan, we’d be met with enough terms and conditions to make our heads spin. Simply put, we’d be heldaccountable, whereas the lending institutions of the U.S….not so much.

Last week, I socked it to Congress for giving itself a raise despite the bleak economic outlook in this country. Today, I add the Treasury Department to myWhaaa---?List. As in, “No one is keeping tabs on what American banks are doing with their bailout money.” All together now:


I realize that posting a blog during Christmas week is a lot like screaming in outer space, but we’d like to hear your thoughts on this subject. Simply fill out a comment form below, and be sure to stop back tomorrow for our final blog of 2008.