Ladies and gentlemen, today’s the day the managing editor ofASImagazine uses his modicum of power to shoehorn some random trivia about comic books into a discussion about adhesives. He offers this warning at the outset as a professional courtesy to those who otherwise would not read of such things. For everyone else, he has these words:

It’s Friday afternoon. Let’s have some fun.

Did you know that adhesives play a fairly large role in what a “proven and respected” grading company deems acceptable comic-book restoration? It’s true. According to Certified Guaranty Co. LLC (CGC) of Sarasota, FL, an adhesive - defined as “cellulose, chemical, or protein-based glues, as well as anything that acts as an adhesive, such as saliva” - may be used to seal tears and split spines on comic books. Adhesives may also be used in concert with so-called “reinforcement papers” to shore up the strength of a weak page or cover. The use of tape, however, is not advised. Like cold water on a burn, tape is the obvious solution to a novice collector and the last possible option for those who know better.

You can read a comic book restoration overview by If that’s not exactly your thing, post your most random adhesive and/or sealant trivia in a comment and we’ll discuss it next week.