Ever wonder why there’s a huge outdoor event to celebrate the reign of a new president in our country? And why in the dead of winter, when temps often hover at or around the freezing mark? Turns out, it’s for the same reason we do a lot of the things we do – not because it makes the most sense, but because that’s the way it’s been done, often for decades.


Sometimes it’s important to rethink how we do things and consider other ways. I’m reminded of a commercial I saw for Breathe Right strips, where the inventor Bruce Johnson tells how he tried various methods for opening the nasal passages through the nose, but it wasn’t until he tried placing something outside of the nose that he found success.

Sometimes we all have to be reminded to think outside of the nose, er, box. Why not start this new year by rethinking current methods and looking for new ways to do things? It just might be the solution to a problem you’ve been struggling with, and even might save a little time or money along the way.

And if you want to know why inauguration day is the way it is, read this Yahoo News article.