Exhibit at Philadelphia International Airport highlights tape as an art medium.

Ukranian-born artist Mark Khaisman is known for his innovative use of regular packing tape as his artistic medium. Now, travelers flying through Philadelphia International Airport can see the Philly artist’s work between Terminals C and D.


Khaisman uses packing tape like painters use oils or watercolors -- the two-inch strips of tape are like a brush, and he layers them to a back-lit surface to create an image of amazing depth upon illumination. On his Web site, he calls it “A conversation with light. I started it like a traditional stained glass artist, but with tape: I found I could continue my conversation with light, but in a more expedient manner.”


The exhibit will be up through November 10. If you won’t be able to see it, check out Khaisman’s work on his Web site, Khaismanstudio.com.