Read the latest news on adhesives and sealants.

We love reading about new, innovative or offbeat applications for adhesives and sealants. From the duct tape prom dress to people made of packing tape and left as modern art installations throughout various cities, they inspire and amuse us with their originality.


That’s why we’re excited to introduce a new feature to our Web site, Adhesives in the News. This section will spotlight various stories in the news about adhesives and sealants that you might not have heard about – from new chemistries and applications to a 70,000-year-old super glue. Check back often for new stories – and submit your own as well. If you hear of an interesting story in the news about adhesives and sealants, share it with us. You can find us on Facebook® by searching for “adhesives and sealants,” connect with other industry members on LinkedIn, and follow our Twitter feeds.