3M makes the news – but not for its tape products.

3M’s striking French employees held their boss hostage amid labor talks at a plant near Paris last week, as anger over layoffs and cutbacks escaladed around the country.


The French division of 3M recently announced layoffs and job transfers among its 2,700 workers at 13 French sites. Among those are 110 of the Pithiviers, France, factory’s 235 workers.


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According to the story, it is not uncommon for striking workers to hold company executives as a way of winning concessions from management, and the hostages are almost never injured.


Can you imagine if this were a regular practice in America? There would constantly be hostage situations all over the country, and the practice would inevitably carry over to real-life scenarios as well. Did the drive-thru forget to give you your fries? Hold the manager hostage. Get overcharged for a purchase at the supermarket? Find the manager and hold him or her hostage. Not to mention, people would be holding each other hostage for cutting in line, not using a turn signal or the like.


Thank goodness we live in such a civilized society.