Chemical industry starts PR campaign on BPA

The Washington Post is reporting that the chemical industry has started a PR campaign to change the image of bisphenol A and BPA-containing products, including soda cans and food containers.

According to internal notes of a private meeting, obtained by The Washington Post, industry executives are particularly concerned about the views of young mothers, who often make family purchasing decisions and who are most likely to be focused on health concerns.


The execs discussed using fear tactics, such as the demise of baby food in those handy little plastic containers, and even having a pregnant woman as a spokesperson to talk about the benefits of BPA.


A number of studies have linked BPA to health issues ranging from cancer to diabetes to miscarriage; however, the Food and Drug Administration has declared it to be safe – largely because of two studies, both funded by a chemical industry trade group.


Recently, Minnesota became the first state in the nation to ban the toxic chemical bisphenol A (BPA) from baby bottles and "sippy" cups; several U.S. states have similar legislation pending.


While BPA is crucial to many manufactured products, its use in food and beverage packaging is worrisome to me. As a mom of two young kids, I’m hyper aware of what goes into their bodies (and mine), and try to avoid any chemicals if at all possible. Instead of buying foods in plastic packaging or metal cans, I try to use fresh ingredients or frozen products – especially if they are going to be going into little ones' bodies.


What do you think? Is the recent BPA legislation a step in the right direction, or misinformation? Have you changed your habits with regards to BPA-containing packaging? Leave a comment below to get the conversation started.