Subscribers toASI’s E-Newsletter may have noticed the addition of a weekly survey to the news features section. Here we present the results of the June 23 survey.

Should the U.S. government speed its exit from the Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP)?

Yes: 82.54%
No: 17.46%


”The U.S. government should have limited involvement (if any) in the private sector.”

“This needs to be completed when the banking system is healthy again. There are some signs of improvement, but not all of the banks are healthy, and toxic assets have yet to be completely cleared from the books.”

“TARP was a terrible idea to begin with. `Troubled’ companies should have been allowed to fail! The U.S. government should stick to making and enforcing laws/policies and keep its nose out of corporate America!”

“This is such a no-brainer that I wonder why anyone with any knowledge of history would think otherwise. Bureaucratic involvement in any enterprise will inevitably screw it up.”

“The government is slowing recovery and wasting resources.”

“We have committed to (TARP) now. Why would we pull out before some recovery is confirmed?”