Could underwater wind turbines be the solution for energy-strapped Florida?

CNN is reporting that the solution to the energy crisis in Florida might be found underwater. Researchers at Florida Atlantic University are looking at how utility companies could harness the ocean's current to provide power for the sunshine state.


"If you can take an engine and put it on the back of a boat or propel a ship through water, why not take a look at the strength of the Gulf Stream and determine if that can actually turn a device and create energy?" asked Sue Skemp, executive director at Florida Atlantic University's Center for Ocean Energy Technology.


Power would be generated by underwater turbines, similar to the way wind turbines work. As water flows by the turbine, it turns a rotor blade. As the rotor blade turns, energy is generated.


It’s a great use of a natural resource – and with none of those unsightly wind turbines that people like to complain about.


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