Was your business affected by winter weather this month? See what our readers had to say and weigh in with your comments.

Here we present the results of the Feb. 23ASIE-News survey.

Economists estimate that between 90,000 and 150,000 jobs could be lost in February due to snow keeping workers home and businesses being shuttered. Was your business affected by the unusual weather this month?

Yes: 44%
No: 56%

If so, how?

Open, but business stalled: 37.5%
Open, but with limited staff: 33.33%
Closed for one day or more: 29.176%


“Closed two days. Difficulty making shipments and receiving orders due to availability of trucks and traffic delays.”

“We closed for one day, because I wouldn't park our car outside with the temperature below zero for part of the day.”

“Snow directly affected over-the-road access to our facilities. This resulted in late arrival or no-show for employees and late or no-shows for our materials transporters. Snow looks best on a postcard.”

UPDATE: The Associated Press reports that snow-related layoffs have resulted in a jump in new unemployment benefit claims.

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