The Dec. 1ASIE-News survey asks: What is your view of the current economic situation in the U.S.?

Subscribers toASI’s E-Newsletter may have noticed the addition of a weekly survey to the news features section. Here we present the results of the Dec. 1 survey.

A CNN Research Poll conducted in November showed that the number of Americans who say the economy is in good shape has stalled following spring and summer increases. Fewer than one in five expressed a positive view of current conditions. More than eight in 10 say that economic conditions are in poor shape, with 43% calling them very poor. What is your view of the current economic situation in the U.S.?

Excellent: 1.087%
Good: 5.435%
Fair: 32.609%
Poor: 38.043%
Very Poor: 22.826%


“Socialism will ruin the economy more.”

”Too many out of work to recover.”

“We may have bottomed out, but national debt intrusion in the free market is hurting recovery.”

“Until the unemployment rate is less than 2%, we will continue to struggle. We are becoming a third-world country due to the lack of education and investment in our society.”

“We're living in the new `up.’ Very stagnant. No real job growth to create real spending. Mid-level jobs have been outsourced overseas. Without the income (jobs) here, we can't even buy 'overseas' manufactured goods.”

“Since spring and summer, credit card interest rates and fees have skyrocketed, food prices continue to increase, unemployment remains at historic highs, the housing market and home values are a mess, and the U.S. dollar is in danger of being displaced as a major world currency. Other than all of that, I guess things are fine!”

“Nothing will pull us out of this depression except time and the rebuilding of wealth in this country.”

“We are way over our heads in foreign debt. It will be hard to ever be on solid ground again.”