Is an experiment where university students and staff must live without Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks for one week a good idea? Could you do it? See what our E-News readers had to say.

Harrisburg University of Science and Technology in Central Pennsylvania recently conducted an experiment: all students and staff must live without Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks for one week. Dissidents say the experiment impinges on individual rights, but school administration says they are just giving students a chance to critically examine the way social media has inundated our universe. Do you feel the experiment was a good idea?


Yes: 90%

No: 5%

Unsure: 5%



“The worst that can happen is that we learn nothing-pretty harmless.”


Definitely a good idea.” -- Jim Palmer


Horrible experiment. I will tell you the results. People can live without Facebook and Twitter. I hope money was not spent on this experiment.”


“Yes as long as it is not mandatory. Also need some kind of honor pledge so their is no cheating!”


“If nothing else happens it will force everyone to look up from their electronic devices and actually have to talk with the people around them which is real social networking.”


“Excellent idea!”


“Any examination of "modern technologies" by avoiding them temporarily is helpful to understanding them and their perceived value.”


“It's an 'experiment' not the refudiation of the Magna Carta.”


“Great idea, but those addicted to Facebook, Twitter, etc. are likely to rebel as much as a drug addict needs their fix. Trust me - today's teens and young adults are really addicted. They prefer the social connection rather than the educational connection that will get them good grades and a good job some day.”


“Students need to exercise their bodies more than their thumbs.”


“This experiment should be extended for, lets say, 3 months or maybe a year! Most social network sites, especially Facebook and Twitter are INANE (also INSANE)! What a waste of time and the human mind to participate in such nonsense as online social networking.”


“OK if University agrees also agrees to participate and includes computers, internet, television, and telephones. There will always be change.”


“Gives people a chance to practice interacting on a personal level - or maybe even better - it keeps every single thought and action more private like it used to be!”