Have you heard of a virtual trade show? See what your colleagues said and leave a comment.

Have you heard of a virtual trade show?


Yes, but I'm not sure how it can benefit me: 30%

No, I prefer in-person events: 26%

No, but it sounds interesting: 22%

Yes, and I look forward to attending one in the manufacturing industry: 9%

Yes, I've attended a show: 9%

No, I don't have time to attend: 4%




“I think the need for individual interaction at trade shows trumps any interest in a virtual trade show. Although parking would not be a problem with the virtual kind.”


“I don’t understand how that works. My product is more hands-on and requires user participation.”


“I believe the virtual trade show (and also the virtual technical conference) is an important concept that will only grow in use and acceptance. Simply stated, and not intending to ignore the benefits of face-to-face contact, the traditional trade show has become far too expensive and time consuming; depending on location, of course, expenses can easily reach $1,000-$2,000 to attend a major event in person. I see many examples of virtual trade shows that are offered for free (or at very little cost). With real-time, online interaction offered, as well, the virtual trade show experience is essentially as good as a face-to-face event. And you avoid all/most of the costs and avoid ALL of the hassle, rudeness, and inconvenience that exist today with air travel!”


“Unfortunately, our company policy makes it difficult to participate in online web activities like this due to IT safety issues.”