Should the First Amendment protect WikiLeaks member and founder, Julian Assange, from prosecution? See what our readers thought and have your say by leaving a comment.

The website WikiLeaks has published large amounts of classified U.S. intelligence. Do you believe the First Amendment protects its member and founder, Julian Assange, safe from prosecution?

No, the release of information a threat to national security and he should be prosecuted: 80%

Yes, he is covered under the First Amendment: 12%

Unsure: 8%



“Even if he believes what he has done is right, he should be prepared to pay the consequences.”


“If the information was released under the Freedom of Information Act, that’s good. If not, and it is dangerous to the community, then it’s not.”


“If the government could not restrict the information from being available they get the results to deal with.”


“Depends on how he obtained the info. If he used illegal means to obtain the info then he should be prosecuted.”


“He should be prosecuted for espionage and treason. The U.S. and allies are in a war (declared or undeclared) against terror. Julian Assange is aiding and abetting the enemy and must be prosecuted.”


“Free speech is for speaking one’s mind, not for releasing confidential documents.”


“He should be charged with treason and put on trial.”