When you have to get work done, where do you go to do it? See how our E-News readers responded and share your ideas.

Companies shell out millions of dollars on office space and equipment to provide the essentials for an effective workplace, but the office isn’t always the number-one setting to get work done. Where do you find that you are most productive?


The office: 60%

Home office: 26%

Other: 11%

Car/train/airplane commute: 3%



“Nothing like being away from distractions to actually get work done efficiently.”


“I found that going into the lab or assembly area with my laptop allows me to think without interruption from the front office area.”


“I’m a chemist. My work area where I should be most productive is the lab, which is set up for a midget. I'm 6'2".”


“For technical activities it is very important to have the laboratory or the factory close to the office. Not everybody can do home office very often.”


“For me, the desk in the plant area is the best workplace, with the office area best used for non-productive overhead tasks.”


“There are fewer distractions at home than there are in the workplace.”