Thirty-two new soy-based products hit the market in 2010, thanks in part to theUnited Soybean Board(USB), the U.S. soybean farmer-funded research and promotion program known as the soybean checkoff. The program provides funding to industrial partners to research, develop and commercialize products containing soy.

The USB focuses its research on several target areas, including adhesives, coatings, printing inks, lubricants, plastics, fibers, solvents and emerging industrial opportunities. The new products include six new soy-based adhesives. To see the full list of soy-based products commercialized in 2010,click here.

While the number of soy products represents a diverse range of categories, all represent sustainable alternatives to petrochemicals. The USB works to advance sustainability, in part by developing and promoting soy-based products.

The USB’s industrial partners continue to produce an assortment of soy-based products without impacting the world’s food supply. The food industry uses 87% of the U.S. supply of soybean oil. Oil makes up just 18% of a soybean, while the remainder consists of protein-rich meal, which goes to feed humans and animals alike. A USB study found that industrial demand for soybean oil for such things as biodiesel and soy-based products increases the supply of soybean meal, which can be used to produce more food.

The 32 new soy-based products show the USB’s commitment to driving soy demand, but it’s only the beginning. The USB continues to look for industry partners with ideas for new products and technologies that will grow demand for U.S. soy. To learn more about new uses for soy,click here.