Consumer confidence recently fell to the lowest level in two years. Do you think increasingly pessimistic consumers are going to further undermine the recovery?


Yes: 80%

No: 16%

Unsure: 4%



“People still need the basics: food; housing; transportation. They either buy new or maintain what they have. Either way, construction benefits.”


“Until after the 2012 election.”


“There is no recovery to undermine as long as the spendthrift people are in the White House & Senate. The growth in federal government spending has to be stopped, and reduced a minimum of 40%. Get rid of the do-nothing EPA and Energy depts., along with the Education and Labor depts. Then watch the economy grow.”


“Of course! If consumers aren’t confident, they’re not spending. Less spending means less demand for goods and services, which means less revenue for business. What recovery, anyway?”


“There is no recovery occurring. We are either in the midst of an extremely bad recession (at best) or a depression (at worst).”


“All major purchases of mine will be for necessary items only, well planned and in cash.”