What are your expectations for the business environment in 2012?

Unchanged: 45%
Better: 30%
Worse: 15%
Other: 10%


Banks still are not loaning to businesses; Obama could care less about small businesses. Businesses in my technology sector are still moving to Mexico and China!

I think you mean 2013. Our economy bottomed out in 2009 and is still slowing moving forward. Consumer spending is slowly picking up, interest rates are low and prices are fairly stable. This should provide for more slow growth in '13.

Who knows! With a possible new president or even with Obama, the global situation is uncertain and precarious! Taking it one day at a time; no long-term planning here!

Very Poor Gov't business leadership is causing the majority of the issues holding back our economic growth.

Depends who gets elected; Obama - Worse Romney - Better


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