Do you think Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer's recent decision to ban the company's employees from working from home was a good idea?

No: 52%
Yes: 36%
Maybe/Unsure: 12%

This policy is bad news and will eventually come back to haunt Mayer and Yahoo! Many types of jobs can be done very effectively from home. To ban all work from home is going to be bad for employee morale and bad for Yahoo's bottomline.

I think as a tech company they could work at virtual networking. If the employee it actually working they will be in front of their computer and employees could interact by video. Companies with employees around the world do that now.

Probably was set off by one or two bad eggs pretending to work, you can measure performance on work at home employees.

Trade secrets and company developments have to be kept in house.

Not very earth friendly way of working. whoever can work from home should.

From a purely weather perspective it will encourage people to be on the roads when they shouldn't

Serious productivity loss, home workers are shown to be more productive

Talent retention, specifically among women who have to chose between family or career are at stake. out of 4000 technical employees at our company, only a few % have duties that allow work from home. Nearly 90% of our employees would be unaffected by this type action. Sales, some marketing would be effected.

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