As tuition costs and loan rates continue to rise, some Americans have begun to lose confidence in the value of a higher education. Do you think a college degree is still a good investment?

Yes: 57.1%
No: 28.6%
Maybe/Unsure: 14.3%

The best way to move ahead and to live a fulfilling life is to secure as much education as possible...a BA or BS degree at minimum. It's sad to see the cost running at $100K or more. That stymies graduates ability to purchase other things (homes, cars, etc).

Everyone needs a college education now, even to get an entry level job. Maybe if they make everyone pay and not give 'free rides' to anyone it will be more affordable.

In general - No, Hard Science Yes!

The country needs more skilled people, not more over-educated paper pushers.

A college degree can be a good investment provided the degree is one that there is demand and need for. Some jobs that graduates take will never pay back their investment in tuition and lost wages.

U Wisconsin has frozen tuition for the next two years.

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